Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vans Warped Tour interview marathon

Team CMB filmed 18 interviews on Sunday at the VWT in Denver. We got Less Than Jake, We The Kings, Single File, VWT founder Kevin Lyman, and a ton of others. Right now we are sorting through gigs and gigs of data in the CMB mountaintop fortress but very soon we will start posting those interviews. And trust me some of the stuff we got is so flippin funny you're definitely gonna wanna watch. From Tat imitating Megatron having "relations" to Less Than Jake and myself calling out Tom Jones to the interview with After Midnight Project inside of the tours completely trashed out "Party Bus." For now here's a couple VWT pics for your amusement and go read Torch's advice for bands below this or she'll bust out the Torch Kung Fu on you.

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