Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Colorado Sound - August 22, 2009

The Colorado Sound airs Saturdays at 5PM on 88.9FM KRFC Fort Collins and on Fri & Sat nights at 8PM on Mountain Public Radio in Summit County. The website is

Dressy Bessy “Jenny Come ON” from Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons (1999)
Apples in Stereo “Strawberryfire” from Her Wallpaper Reverie (1999)
Born in The Flood “I Am the Walrus” from Mountain Homegrown Vol IV (2005)
Boulder Acoustic Society “Sunset” from Punchline (2009)
Devotchka “Transliterator” from A Mad & Faithful Telling (2008)
Arliss Nancy “The Empty Below” from Dance to Forget (2009)
Lindsey O'Brien Band “Broke My Heart” from As Long As It Matters (2008)
The Stanleytones “Women Make Me Act Like A Fool” from Women Make Me Act Like A Fool (2009)
Reed Foehl “Only In Your Arms” from Once An Ocean (2009)
Jeff Finlin “Postcard from Topeka” from Epinonymous (2004)
Fafi aka 3Percent “Chegutu” from Groove or Die (2009)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Everything Is Alright” from Fierce Bad Rabbit (2009)
Ricky Sweum “Nice Pants” from Pulling Your Own Strings (2009)

The Informants “Marilon” from Crime Scene Queen (2009)
Bobby Walker “CC Rider” from Git It (2009)
Juno What?! “Get On Down” from Late Night (2009)
Yo, Flaco! “Deep End” from Deep End (2009)
The Motet “Push” from Dig Deep (2009)
David Boylan “Elizabeth” from Slave (2005)
Sherri Jackson “Liberation” from Westword Music Awards Showcase '96 (1996)
The Samples “My Town” from Samples (1990)
SheL “Hello” from Try to Scream (2009)
Stella Luce “Esteban's Fishing Song” from Zugenruhe (2009)
Ethyl & the Regulars “Long Gone, Long Forgotten” from Fill 'Er Up With ...(2009)
Erik Applegate “Another Reply” from Red Skies (2009)

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