Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Get On the Bus" Mobile Event 8/15/09

The Get on the Bus Mobile event was an Awesome!... it was like taking a limo with an RTD twist, to the show!

good times and conversations filled the space on the bus as this adventure rolled its way thru town stopping at a few beverage stores to pick up essential parts and refreshments for the whole crew.

We traveled down the Avenue(colfax) to the Historic Bluebird theater to pick up some more friends..... we embarked on our journey to the Gothic Theater!!!.... Arriving in Rockstar fashion, the UM and Friends hopped off the Bus and Promptly began grill'n up some dogs for dinna!.... after Pre-gaming it with some dogs and brews we all made our way inside to Enjoy the awesome reggae sounds of:

Apex Vibe

and the UMconscious of course!...

Thanks to everyone who made this incredible evening Happen!... including Larry our Friendly Bus driver!

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