Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Colorado Y-T-M Spins By Genre

So, in the July ONLINE edition of View From Behind the Mic, I've listed the TOP 40 most played Colorado releases, Year-to-Month thru June 2009. Here's the breakdown by broad genre categories ... Check out the July issue for more charts, news, notes, and commentary. ~ goat

Americana - (Roots, Blues, Bluegrass, Country & Folk)

1. Bobby Walker - Git It
2. Rhythm Angels - Girls Like Us
3. Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck - Queen of This Mess
4. Finders & Youngberg - Keep Your Suitcase Packed
5. Drew Emmitt - Long Road
6. Reed Foehl - Once An Ocean
7. Spring Creek - Way Up On a Mountain
8. Beautiful Loser Society - Aim Low
9. Drag the River - Bad at Breaking Up
10. The Subdudes - Live at the Ram's Head

Alternative/Indie (Rock/Pop)
1. Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) - The Great Collapse
2. Wovenhand - Ten Stones
3. Bad Weather California - Young Punks
4. The Epilogues - The Beautiful The Terrifying
5. DeVotchKa - A Mad & Faithful Telling
6. The Knew - Boom Bust
7. Roe - Letters and Lights
8. The Jimi Austin - Suits
9. Dressy Bessy - Holler and Stomp
10. Hello Kavita - And Then We Turned Sideways

AAA/Adult Contemporary (adult rock/pop)
1. Rob Drabkin - On These Heavy Feet
2. Xiren - Trip-R
3. SoundRabbit - Tree Trunk Airplanes
4. Joe Cocker - Hymn 4 My Soul
5. Lindsey O'Brien Band - As Long As It Matters
6. Boulder Acoustic Society - Caged Bird
7. The Kirkpatrick Project - Opportunity
8. Melanie Susuras Band - Stop to Stand
9. Ash Ganley - Cruel Waters
10. Jennifer Lane - In A Magazine

1. Ben Markley - Second Introduction
2. Al Hood & Dave Hanson - Just A Little Taste
3. Adam Stern - Twang Shui
4. Brad Goode - Polytonal Dance Party
5. Janine Santana - Soft as Granite
6. Keith Oxman - Doing All Right
7. Cocktail Revolution - Better Reception
8. Rich Lamb - Music Along the Way
9. Fred Hess - Single Moment
9. Meryl Romer - So Sure

Friday, June 26, 2009

Aspen Music Festival

Head for the hills! The Aspen Music festival, which opened yesterday and runs through August 23, is enjoying its 60th year in bringing classical music to the toniest of all mountain towns (take that, Telluride!).

One of the summer's highlights is this Sunday, when world-renown violinist Gil Shaham joins conductor David Zinman (pictured left) and the Aspen Festival Orchestra in a performance of Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 2, the same piece audiences enjoyed during the first festival back in 1949.

[Author's note: Contrary to popular belief, I was NOT in attendance then.]

Other highlights include a recital by soprano Deborah Voigt, star of the Metropolitan Opera, plus separate appearances by musical mega-celebrities Yefim Bronfman (piano) and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg (violin). Works by all the usual suspects are featuredBach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schubert, and Schumannand the Aspen Opera Theater will offer three productions. These include Puccini's La bohรจme, Mozart's Don Giovanni, and Britten's Rape of Lucretia.

Check out schedules and ticket prices at the festival's Web site. Many thanks to Stewart Oksenhorn at The Aspen Times for the details contained within this post.

Friday Morning Listening Club - June 25

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breaking Radio News ---- Stefani out -- Ralphie In

as reported in www.allaccess.com today, Ralphie has joined 101.5FM, KTNI .. replacing Stefani in the afternoon. Ralphie moves over from doing nights at KTCL.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Central City Opera Opens With "Lucia"

Four more days before Central City Opera (CCO) begins its 2009 Festival Season! The three productions this summer are Rinaldo by Georg Friedrich Handel, A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim, and Lucia di Lammermoor (pictured left) by Gaetano Donizetti.

The season kicks off Saturday evening (June 27) at 8:00 with Lucia, the best known among Donizetti's 70-odd operatic compositions. It debuted in 1835 to great acclaim and has never been out of the standard repertoire, which is quite an amazing record. The title role is sung by Lyubov Petrova, with Colorado native Vale Rideout as her lover, Edgardo. The production is directed by former Met opera star Catherine Malfitano, her third directorial turn with the company.

The three CCO operas appear in rotation throughout the season, which ends Sunday, August 2. Tickets are available online or by calling the Denver-area box office at (303) 292-6700.

Be sure to check out the July issue of Colorado Music Buzz, which features a Spotlight story on tenor Vale Rideout.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Human Nuclear Power Plant

This dude was at the Skyfox CD release show. Somebody told me his name was Carter but whatever the dude's name is he is like the nuclear powered music fan. He never stops going 10 million miles an hour, doing flips, handstands, just basically a total wig out session that the whole crowd loved and the bands often gave shout outs for. Only video would do this guy justice but here's some pics anyway. Look at the people smiling btw.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Fun Photos!

Are Ya think'n about getting away from the couch tonight (6-19-09) or tomorrow ( 6-20-09)?!... come check out these cats!

MyGodCanBeatUpYourGod ; Denver locals, is a dynamic power trio with an infinite list of visiting musicians. At their core, they bask in the roots of reggae music, jazz, the blues, classic and punk rock, all meshing with a heavily hip-hop influenced vocal styling.

MyGod performs primarily original tunes with maybe one or two tasteful covers thrown in for fun. They are largely improvisational, both instrumentally and lyrically, therefore no two shows are ever the same. The trio consists of the nefarious Link on six-string and oration, the always amiable Dr. Greg on the lows and "that Guy" Ben banging the drum kit.

If you wish to see the spectacle that is MyGod, follow the flock to Bases Loaded tonight [June 19th] or tomorrow [June 20th] (or better yet, both) @ 8 p.m. You won’t be disappointed. While you’re there you can also enjoy the music of Wheelchair Sports Camp and Red Apple Highway.

Here’s the addy… see you there.

Veronica’s Bases Loaded .... 8pm- ?? ($3 @ door. Low $ wells all Dang night!...!)
3109 Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80211-3744
(303) 433-2088


(Words by: Link of MyGod)

Friday Morning Listening Club - Share Yours!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday's Fun Photos!

On Wednesday June 10th, 09 Our favorite Denver Deadhead bar and pizza joint, Quixotes, Denver was filled with the Canadian Celtic Rock sounds of Enter The Haggis. E.T.H. is a fiddle and bagpipe infused Rock band out of Toronto, Ontario.

They put together fun and energetic drinking songs such as " One Last Drink" that everybody enjoys while in a bar!!.. ETH also graces the crowd with emotional thought provoking tunes like " Noseworty and Piercy" based on the hardships of Newfoundland fishermen of years past!

This show was fun!!!.... listeners were dancing and singing along every step of the way. If you enjoy shows and songs with twist; I would say, Check them out at : www.enterthehaggis.com or www.myspace.com/enterthehaggis

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mayhem Marathon 2009

Hey metal peeps!! yeah that means you metally type person

Just like last year the Mighty!! CMB is taking the show on the road with the Rockstar Mayhem Festival. Visit our Colorado Music Buzz booth at the Denver Mayhem on July 19th for cool stuff and circle pit lessons (FYI: it's counter clockwise like 99.4% of the time.) and then get ready to pile in your car and road trip to our sister city of Kansas City for the RMF on July 21st. Why the heck does CMB go to Missouri for more Mayhem? Uh....cuz you can never get enough Mayhem of course. I would like to thank Jett Fox Promotions and Hollywood Music TV for their kind invitation to bring the CMB party once again to Kansas City for RMF 2009.

Mighty CMB Metal Road Trip!!!!!

Check out this great photo slideshow by the world famous Stu Kennedy from our FAC meet and greet at Roobar this past Friday - If you weren't there you missed out!

click here to view slideshow

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ok, not music but some pretty cool tornado pics

I was just east of Hampden at Yosemite. I just got bombed by golf ball size hail (seriously that big) a little farther west of this spot.

UPDATE: here are some more pics from Eric Fletcher (top two):

Friday, June 5, 2009

Click on flyer to enlarge

Friday's Fun Photo!

I dug into the archives to find these Great pictures from a show last year at Hermans Hideaway!

These pictures are of a couple of the guys in P-Nuckle. Cliff (Drums formerly with P-Nuckle) and Chris (Guitar) along with all the cats in this band are all about having a great time while on stage!.. P-Nuckle rocks Denver's socks of with a Energetic Ska/Reggae sound that naturely gets You geared for the summer fun. Being voted as denvers best 3 years in a row, let's you know that whenever P-Nuckle jumps on stage the house will be Jam'n!!!

Tonight!! (6/5/09) they will be apearing at Denver's own RooBar @3480 Park Ave west, for the Colorado Music Buzz Friaday Afternoon Club event from 4-7 pm. Trublu posted more info in the space just below this entry! Come out and chill with many of thr CMB staff and contributers with great food and drinks!...... I know I'll be there

Colorado Music Buzz Friday Afternoon Club

Come meet Colorado Music Buzz Magazine, P-Nuckle and other party people @ The Roobar 3480 Park Avenue West today, Friday June 5th! 4pm to 7pm
We are celebrating our 1st issue of year 4 with our writers and contributors and we want to meet you!
Local Artists that means you!!!
Come give us your music and tell us your story!
Let us know why we need to be drinking your koolaid...


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Colorado Music Buzz Cover Collage

Greetings from the Road - By Nathan Maxwell/Flogging Molly

I can't tell you how much I love my band Flogging Molly. In fact, I consider us to be more than a band. We are a family. Though we are seven very different individuals from different parts of the country and world, we have different backgrounds and different tastes. We are of different ages, deep down we all love each other and have all dedicated our lives to a common goal: To share the music of Flogging Molly with as many people as possible. And for us that has meant over the last decade one predominant thing: Touring.

Like any family that I have ever come in contact with, we have our ups and downs, small disagreements and once in a while major blow-outs. But through all the good times and the bad, we persevere. I can tell you that there have been times when it seemed like we were going to self-destruct. And looking back at those times I am so grateful that we all managed help each other out, pick each other up, and pull through it as a family.

Not only do we help each other when one of us is down, but we inspire each other to become better. During the writing session for our latest album "Float", we were all sharing different song ideas with each other. Some of which are now on that album, and some just did not seem to fit the vibe. That is not to say that the songs and ideas were not good enough, just that they did not seem to fit the direction that we were heading at the time.

I will never forget, and always be grateful to our band leader and singer Dave King when he took a moment to stop the writing/rehearsal session and address some of the songs that we were sharing with each other. In a nutshell he explained that all of us individually should pursue our own artistic development and song-writing. And that we should all feel free to express ourselves in different ways outside of Flogging Molly. Whether it be jamming with some other musicians, playing on other peoples records, or recording a record of our own. Wow! After just watching Metallica's "Some Kind of Monster" and remembering the part of the movie where the bass player was given an ultimatum that eventually led to him leaving the band, I was very impressed with the fact that Dave had no issue with any of us doing something outside of our band, our family. Of course it goes without saying that our first priority must be and always will remain Flogging Molly.

This openness has inspired me to go into the studio earlier this year and record an album with my father. Though it is very different sounding than a Flogging Molly record, it was a great experience and a complete blast to do! It has given me more confidence in my musicianship and has in my opinion made me a bigger asset to Flogging Molly, our band, our family. I am confident that with this type of support for each other and willingness to let each other grow and express ourselves, we are a strong family and will be around for a long time to come.

Positivity, Creativity, be an Asset to the Family!

Nathen Maxwell

PRA, R&R, Local radio freedom and Lewis & Floorwax

So, terrestrial radio looks to have won this current battle (but not the war?) over performance royalties, while performers won't see a dime for their performance on terrestrial radio. What a mess. Yesterday, June 3, 2009, the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) got more than 220 members of the House of Representatives to back the non-binding Local Radio Freedom Act. Basically, with over 220 representatives signing on, it is virtually assured that there won't be a vote on the Performance Rights Act in the House, this year.

In the meantime, however, terrestrial radio still pays if they are streaming content online; Internet based radio pays, and satellite and cable based stations pay. And in many cases, the performance royalties tied to internet based broadcasts has proven to be cost prohibitive for many hobbyists and small revenue operators ... and for some larger commercial concerns as well, based on the fact that Jack FM in Denver is no longer streaming online.

Interestingly, we in radio are not guaranteed the RIGHT to play some one's music on-air. That "right" is really a license, supplied by the owner of the underlying composition (not the recording of the performance itself, as I understand it). So what would happen, I wonder, if those who own the recording of the performance were to say, "no pay, no play?" Probably nothing, really, since most performers today seem to be writing AND performing their own songs .. and as long as they belong to one of the performance rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), they're entitled to receive songwriter/publisher royalties ... but if you're not listed as a co-writer, you're screwed.

So, the PRA (Performance Rights Act) is done (at least for now) --- R&R (Radio and Records) is done (and gone) --- and radio is increasingly LESS locally produced and is LESS local in content (musical or otherwise). So then, the question is, where in the Local Radio Freedom Act does it give control of radio back to local operators, managers, and announcers/djs? Where in any bill on the hill is there a provision for less network consolidation in programming? Or, does anyone even care anymore? and how much longer do we have to tolerate Lewis & Floorwax anyway? Good grief, we're not prepubescent twits who still enjoy potty-humor ... are we?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It Really Is the Passing of an Era

As far back as I can remember in my professional radio career (1975), Radio & Records was there -- every week; bringing me news of what my colleagues and peers in radio were doing and playing, and thinking. This afternoon, it was announced that the venerable R&R is shuttering up on June 5. Not even an R&R Online will exist - that expected to be gone by the weekend also. Read it from the source while you can: http://www.radioandrecords.com/RRWebsite20/members/ShowHeadline.aspx?FormatId=0&ContentID=49936

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CMB speaks w/ Jack Egan of The Rouge

What has been The Rouge’s main influence in the past few years and what would you like to see happen in the future?

Our main influences have been each other and our common desire to be one of the biggest bands in the world. Obviously we have a long way to go but we don't plan on going anywhere until we have accomplished our goals. As far as the future goes, we'd like to play for many people as possible. This summer is a great example of that; Releasing a CD followed by two national tours and a few choice shows/ festivals in Colorado.

Describe the writing process of the album and why you chose to not include your previous 3 tracks on Heat and Light?

The bands' writing process is a bit of an odd thing. It goes like this... we all head over to the practice studio, lock the door and talk about how everyone is doing, what types of feelings/ emotions we are all personally going through, so that we're all on the same page. Then we start with the first musical idea anyone has and we vibe on that for a bit, if that inspires us then we develop it. Josh then starts to sing on top of it, working out his melody and lyrics within the mood of the song. We work out a few more parts and chord progressions in that key and by the time we unlock the door, we have something. We didn't put the old songs on the new recording because we felt that those songs stood together on their own. We wanted to convey something new using the Heat & Light EP as a display of our musical and personal progression.

Who are the main influences in The Rouge’s music?

Honestly, we all have very different musical backgrounds thus our influences are wide ranging and because of this we all tend to use each other as inspiration. For instance, I look at chord progressions and melody very differently than Josh does, and we use that to push each other to create something we couldn't have done on our own. The same can be said for Steve and I in regards to rhythm as with Adam and Josh in regards to song structure; but if you choose to hear each other out, then the end product is so much better because everyone is able to sharpen it in their own way.

What is the best part about the Colorado music scene now? The worst?

I think the best part of the scene right now is the fact that it's growing in size and national prominence so much so that bands don't have to flee to the coasts anymore to make a name for themselves. Denver is absolutely a market to be respected.

The worst thing about the scene is in the same vain. Since it's getting bigger, it's getting more competitive, and while I think that only makes us better, the cut throat "my band rocks and you guys suck" attitude gets old fast. We have always looked at other bands as 'brothers in arms' until they prove us otherwise.

Who are some of the bands you would like to open for, or have open for The Rouge?

As far as the local scene goes, we have been blessed to have opened up for great bands from Born in the Flood to Single File to The Photo Atlas and Meese. Nationally speaking we would love to play with Kings of Leon, Brand New, Coldplay, and a million other bands we respect.

*The Rouge's new EP Heat and Light is now available at Max3.com*

LiveNation.com offers No Service Fee Wednesday!

Live Nation has announced that tomorrow, June 3rd there will be no service fees attached to orders made online at LiveNation.com for selected shows as part of their "No Service Fees Wednesdays" campaign. Clever name. The idea is to offer summer concert tickets free of those sneaky service fees that can sometimes double the price of a ticket. The discount is only available at LiveNation.com and to shows being held in an outdoor ampitheater.

This news, however, shouldn't upset any Colorado music fans based on the fact we have one of the greatest outdoor venues in the world right in our backyard. Yes, Red Rocks concert tickets can be purchased without service fees. For more information and for ticket availability, on a Wednesday, visit LiveNation.com. Head over to our CMBoard for full press release direct from the Red Rocks mailer.

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Enjoying a rainy day listening to...

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