Monday, August 31, 2009

101.5 FM back on the Airwaves? NEED YOUR HELP!

From our good friend Matt Fecher:

Just an update... There's a REALLY good chance that the 101.5 FM format could really be back on the air waves... For real, and soon! Please continue to send (non-hateful) messages to and this could in fact be a reality.

Especially if you can sign this quick, free survey, it will help---

Let’s make sure we present to him a petition signed by thousands and thousands of fans. Once you sign the petition, it is up to each and every one of you to get at least 5 more people to sign. Post this message anywhere and everywhere you can think of. Then over the next week call your friends and tell them to sign the petition. Every time you get in your car and the music sucks, call a friend and ask them to sign the petition. Every time you see the 93.3 van, call a friend and tell them K-Tickle sucks and they should sign the petition. Every time you miss Indie 101.5, call a friend and tell them to sign the petition!

Max Media heard us on 8/11, now they can come see us face to face on 9/10 to view the results of the petition. Let’s be the first fan base in history to make this happen!

CLICK :: Sign Here to Sign Petition
ENTER :: Your name, email, a personal message to Jeff Norman, and select private for email privacy.
CLICK :: Preview your signature & Approve Signature

Best Regards,
Gary Clift

Please note, will not release your email address if you select private when signing the petition. has the following privacy policy for user’s email addresses –
Use of Email Addresses
When you sign a document electronically, that signature has the same meaning as if you had signed the document with pen and ink, according to the Digital Millennium Signature Act in the USA.
When you sign a petition at, to identify your signature in the private [sic] petition database we require that you submit your actual email address. In addition, you have an option to release your email address to the petition author, or to display it publicly in the petition.
We will never sell your email address, or otherwise release it to a third-party except with your permission (as above) or under subpoena or other legal order, except that specific email addresses may be communicated to outside parties as we deem necessary in actions to stop abuse of these forums.

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