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The Rocky Mountain Music Network List

Every month the Rocky Mountain Music Network tracks what Colorado releases are getting airplay at public/community and college radio stations statewide, and on specialty shows on those commercial radio stations that care to share their information with us.

Each month, a list is sent out to all the radio stations in the reporting network. Each station in the network adds whatever new releases are not on the list, and marks the number of spins for those they played in each reporting cycle (approx. mid-month to mid-month). Titles are held on the list for 12 full months from their date/month of release.

Folks ask me all the time, "how do I get my release on the list?" It's pretty simple really --- get a "standard/retail" packaged cd to radio around the state -- with a big label on it, proclaiming it to be from Colorado (hint - put the sticker directly on the packaging) . Good chance it'll make it onto the list. (PS --- for optimum opportunity, get it to radio BEFORE the planned cd-release-party.)

For more information, contact Chris K. at chriskmusic@gmail.com

JULY 2008

Improv - Omotion (hip hop)

The Vitamins - Calliope (indie)

Bard Hoff - A Curious Day (jazz)

Blue Million Miles - Of Building Walls (indie)

d.biddle - rabbit and the moon (indie)

Drew Emmitt - Long Road (rock, jamgrass)

Dub Skin - Love in Spite of... (reggae)

Finders & Youngberg - Keep Your Suitcase Packed (bluegrass, country)

Jerry Palmer - Deep Blue Sky (instrumental, folk)

Kan'nal - Myth Magic (rock, world)

Keith Oxman - Caught Between the Lion and Twins (jazz)

Lonesome Traveler - Listen to That Sound (bluegrass)

Melanie Susuras Band - Stop to Stand (rock, acoustic)

The Epilogues - The Beautiful The Terrifying (rock, alternative)

Various - KRFC Live@Lunch Vol. 1 Locals Only (various)


Beautiful Loser Society - Aim Low (country, americana)

Coyote Poets of the Universe - Callin You Home (experimental)

Chris Daniels & the Kings - Stealin' The Covers (blues)

JD Feighner - Sundays at 1620 (pop, hip-hop)

Porlolo - Meadows (indie)

The Jimi Austin - Suits (rock, alternative)

The Knew - Boom Bust (rock, alternative)


Breathe Carolina - It's Classy, Not Classic (rock, pop)

Cocktail Revolution - Better Reception (funk, jazz)

Dressy Bessy - HollerandStomp (indie)

Elephant Revival - Elephant Revival (folk, bluegrass)

Kailin Yong - Bowing with the Flow (world, neo-classical)

Wovenhand - Ten Stones (indie)


Ichiban - Psycle Analysis (hip-hop)

Marq Fraker - Thanks for Leaving (jazz)

Trace Bundy - Mission Bell (instrumental, guitar)

Arliss Nancy - Rust e.p. (rock)

EP Davis - Mele O'Kaua'i (hawaiian)

Fred Hess - Single Moment (jazz)

Fred Wolking - A Place in the Sun (folk, bluegrass)

Vonnegut - Fall Into Place (rock, alternative)

Wentworth Kersey - EP One (folk, indie)


Corey Christiansen - Roll With It (jazz)

Janine Santana - Soft as Granite (jazz)

Al Hood & Dave Hanson - Just A Little Taste (jazz)

Ash Ganley - Cruel Waters (rock, americana)

Brad Goode - Polytonal Dance Party (jazz)

Gription - Last In Time (rock)

Lindsey O'Brien Band - As Long As It Matters (rock, acoustic)

Rich Lamb - Music Along the Way (jazz)

Roe - Letters and Lights (rock, alternative)

U.S. Pipe - United Sound Pipe (funk, hip-hop)

Xiren - Trip-R (rock)


Chip McNeill - Four Steps 3 (jazz)

DB and the Catastrophe - "untitled" (rock)

Gabrielle Louise - Cigarettes for Sentiments (folk)

Melissa Axel - Transmition ep (jazz, pop)

Everything Absent or Distorted - The Great Collapse (indie)

Lucky Overton - College Town (folk)

Stereomaid - The Little Things That Come Between Us (rock)

The Corduroy - Front Porch Weather Report (rock, funk)


Bobby Walker - Git It (blues)

Bonnie Lowdermilk - Up To Now (jazz)

Debajo del Agua - The World Upside Down (world, hip-hop)

The Delta Sonics - Never Enough (blues)

Dualistics - Dualistics ep (rock, alternative)

Gaudie - Oceana (electronica)

Hot IQs - Follow the Architecture (indie)

Ideal Fathers - A Complete Waste of Time Travel (indie)

Jeremy Dion - Finally (folk-rock)

Lionel Young - Beautiful Day (blues)

Meryl Romer - So Sure (jazz)

Peace Officer - Insurgency (reggae)

Poudre River Band - The Bellvue Dome (country-rock)

Rhythm Angels - Girls Like Us (folk)

Rob Drabkin - On These Heavy Feet (rock, acoustic)

The Subdudes - Live at the Rams Head (americana)

Trinity Demask - Crucible (folk)

Zonky Tonk Zydeco - Zydecoliosis (Zydeco)


Bill Frisell - The Best of Bill Frisell, Vol. 1: Folk Songs (jazz)

Motel Saints - Everyday As Usual (rock)

Ron Holleman - Shambhala Jazz (jazz)

The Culhanes - No Part of Nothing (americana, country)

Ben Markley - Second Introduction (jazz)

Dan Craig - the Accidents e.p. (folk-rock)

Drag the River - Bad at Breaking Up (americana/alt-country)

Jon Snodgrass - Visitor's Band (rock, alt-country)

SoundRabbit - Tree Trunk Airplanes (rock)

The Kirkpatrick Project - Opportunity (rock, acoustic)

MARCH 2009

Alan Alda - Alan Alda (rock)

Fell - Farewell to Echoes (indie)

Redline Rockets - RPM Thousands (rockabilly)

The Honey Gitters - Barrel-Sniffer's Holiday (americana, country)

The Omens - Send Black Flowers (indie)

The Silver Cord - Conflicting Emotions (indie)

Adam Stern - Twang Shui (jazz, rock)

Danielle Ate The Sandwich - Things People Do (folk)

Glove Trucker - Tengo Sueno (americana, alt-country)

Nancy Thorwardson - Something In the Air (country, bluegrass)

Nick O'Connor - Paper Thin Feelings e.p. (rock, acoustic)

Taarka - Seed Gathering for a Winter Garden (americana)

The Hollyfelds - Black Heart Blue e.p. (americana, country)

APRIL 2009

20XIII - Take Two and Call in the Morning (rock)

Bad Weather California - Young Punks (rock)

Blue Canyon Boys - House Full of Sorrow (bluegrass)

Candy Claws - In the Dream of the Sea Life (indie)

Common Anomaly - These Drowning Days (rock)

Cowtown - No End of Love (bluegrass)

Iuengliss - Motion in Mind (indie)

Jesse Solomon - Fire, Ready, Aim (rock)

Keith Oxman - Doing All Right (jazz)

King For A Day - Ghost In the Mainstream (rock)

Pretty Lights - Falling Up the City Skies (techno)

The Photo Atlas - To Silently Provoke the Ghost (rock)

Varmints - Feel Surreal (indie)

Weekend Weather - Heat Lightning (rock, americana)

MAY 2009

After Midnight - Autumn Leaves (jazz)

Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck - Queen of This Mess (folk-rock)

Arliss Nancy - Dance to Forget (alt-country)

Committed - Committed (rock)

Eileen Simon - The Visit (jazz, folk)

Ethyl & the Regulars - Fill 'er Up With… (americana, country)

Gregory Alan Isakov - This Empty Northern Hemisphere (folk)

Houses - Houses (indie)

Jasco - Ain't Just Blues (jazz, blues)

Kort McCumber - Ain't the Same As Before (americana, country)

Mighty Eighteen Wheeler - Stimulus Package (rock)

Motorhome - Almost Vegas (rock, alt-country)

Neil Bridge 7+ - "Yes, I Am Still Here" (jazz)

Other Side of Clearview - Sweet Release (rock)

Reed Foehl - Once An Ocean (folk-rock)

Spring Creek - Way Up On the Mountain (bluegrass)

Stanleytones - Women Make Me Act Like A Fool (bluegrass)

The Jim Jims - Bottom of the City (indie)

The Piggies - Rusted Bullets (rock, alternative)

Various - Rocky Mountain Low: The Colorado Music Underground of the Late 1970s (rock)

Wentworth Kersey - EP Two (folk, indie)

Young Coyotes - Exhale EP (indie)

Stella Luce - Zugenruhe (indie)

JUNE 2009

10-4 Elenor - Too Bad (rock)

Accordion Crimes - EP (indie)

Dakota Blonde - Blonde Highlights (folk-rock)

Fierce Bad Rabbit - Everything Is Alright (rock)

Honey Don't - Honey Don't (americana)

Love.45 - Into the Ether (rock, alternative)

Mekho & the Ocean Birds - Aqorn (indie)

Meniskus - The Partyer (single) (rock)

Michaela Ray - Blues With A Backbone (blues)

Mojomama - My Heart for You (blues)

Nervesandgel - It Was All Just A Waste (indie)

Otis Taylor - Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs (blues)

Palmer Divide - Shenandoah Train (bluegrass)

Paper Bird - A Sky Underground ep (americana)

Paul Soderman - This House is Blue! (blues)

Saints - Saints (rock)

The North 17th St Band - Dirt On The Tires (americana)

Wendy & Robin - Saving Grace (folk-rock)

William James - Lazer Saber Snake Juice Purplelash Javelin (indie)

JULY 2009

4-H Royalty - 4-H Royalty (alt-country)

Erik Lunde - Another Country (folk)

Fafi aka 3Percent - Groove or Die (world, African)

Handpicked Holler! - Road to Gemini (americana)

Lelah Simon - Third Week of April (jazz)

Ricky Sweum - Pulling Your Own String (jazz)

The Motet - Dig Deep (funk)

The Trampolines - Between the Lines (rock, pop)


Boulder Acoustic Society - Punchline (americana)

Gritch - Sunday Morning Train EP (rock)

GT and the Sidewinders - Across America (americana, country)

Hard Pressed - In A Different Time (folk-rock, bluegrass)

Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns - Drink & Song (americana, country)

Savage Henry - Step Lively (rock, alternative)

Shel - Try to Scream (folk-rock)

Speakeasy, Tiger - The Public (rock, alternative)

The Informants - Crime Scene Queen (blues)

Trucker's Daughter - Broken Down Love (americana, country)

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