Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Drowning Pool: A night at The Summit

Drowning Pool: A night at The Summit.
by Scott Barker

We had the chance to see Drowning Pool on tour in support of their latest self-titled album the other night. The band was coming off a three month hiatus and came to town to celebrate St. Patricks day with KBPI. After going 1-1 at foosball with some lucky KBPI contest winners, and waiting for the five opening acts to warm up the crowd Drowning Pool was ready to smack Denver right in the face, and Denver LIKED it. Drowning Pool is known for their in your face, aggressive rock as well as their soul wrenching and melodic ballads. They didn't disappoint on this official night of Leprechauns and green beer, and the energy they gave off was palpable as the crowd rocked all night long with the hard luck band from Texas. Drowning Pool is on their third vocalist thus far, having lost their first lead man to an unexpected death from an undiagnosed heart condition and their second when he cited "personal reasons" on the eve of a hometown show. Luckily for Drowning Pool, the old saying third time is the charm has a ring of truth to it in this case, and Ryan McCombs appears to be here to stay. Drowning Pool on St. Patrick's day took a tried and true formula of kick-ass rock and excellent musicianship and reminded everyone in Denver why they belong in the upper echelon of hard rock acts. If you had the luck O' the Irish with you on March 17th, you were at the Drowning Pool show, and you got rocked green style with DP.

Pics by Matthew Zinke

Friday, March 18, 2011

Trust Company Interview

Chattin with Trust Company, who are one of my fave bands, in their tour van about the new album and why you should never eat ham that's been floating in the cooler for 3 days.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Interview with Travis from The Human Abstract

Darkest Hour at the Marquis

The Atticus Metal Tour 3 hit the Marquis with headliners Darkest Hour and wicked awesome support acts like The Human Abstract. Lens ninja Matthew Zinke was on site to snag up a bunch of cool pics.

T-Shirts 4 Tomorrow: Wants to Thank All their Fans and the CMB Crew

T-Shirts 4 Tomorrow had the amazing opportunity to work with Colorado Music Buzz in the CMB Bandwagon/ Best band in Denver contest! Working with Chris, Groovey, WARGOD, Stu, and all the people that were involved was an experience that will never be forgotten! Over 70 awesome screaming fans made their way out to Summit Music Hall to take part in the show case! Unfortunately, T4T fell a few votes short of advancing, being beat out by eventual overall champions James and the devil. T4T wants to thank all of their fans for coming out and making this an awe-ing experience for the band!

 T-Shirts 4 Tomorrow were, thanks to the fans, the winners of the online voting portion of the competition. For winning, they received 16 hours of recording in Cherry Sounds Studio, and a photo shoot with Stu Kennedy at SKFUNPHOTOS.comThe photo shoot was AMAZINGLY FUN, as the guys and Stu hung out down town in short shorts and knee high sock's getting some cool photos that you will all reap the benefit of March 19th!

above -- Stu receives a Special thank you for a successful photo shoot!--

Ethan from T-Shirts 4 Tomorrow says "From beginning to end, this whole experience was something unforgettable for us. From the voting process, to the show, to the awards we are still receiving, it was just awesome!" The boys in T4T really felt like rock stars with the "red carpet" treatment that CMB gave them. They were especially excited about the video interview part with Groovey! "It was something we all dream, and talk about doing" says Ethan "We felt like rockstars. We always youtube interviews with our favorite bands, just this time we were the band!"

Keep an eye out for upcoming T-Shirts 4 Tomorrow events! They will be releasing their EP Midnight Marathon: March 19th at the Marquis Theater. Soon after the T4T boys hit the road to Gunnison, CO. to play along for long time idols, REEL BIG FISH! Make sure your going daily tobattleofthebands.com to vote for T-Shirts 4 Tomorrow to be a part of Warped Tour 2011!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Darkest Hour interview

Groovey sort of interviews Darkest Hour but it's basically just festive good times. Darkest Hour swears a lot so don't teach your kids how to speak using this video.

COLD WAR KIDS 3/8/11, Ogden Theatre, Denver

Playing to nearly sold out crowd at the Ogden; Cold War Kids came through with a strong show built of fan favorites such as "Hang me up to Dry" , "Hospital Beds" and "Santa Ana Winds" to name a few!

Making sure to add in a mix of songs from their newest Album "Mine Is Yours". featuring songs such as "Royal Blue" , "Skip the Charades, "Louder Than Ever". Cold war kids gave the house an overall great evening of a soulful rock along with an easy likable stage presence.

Links to learn or listen:

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