Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Advice for Bands From the Audience’s Perspective

By Torch - Torch@ColoradoMusicBuzz.com

The transition from the garage, studio, or rooftop to the stage is not as easy as you think. First off practice, practice, practice! If you are not fully dedicated don’t waste the public’s time with half hearted antics. Sit down with your band and discuss some of the following questions in depth.

Who is your target audience?
What is your band image that you want to project?
What venues would be appropriate for your band?
Is each person in the band doing what they do best?

It is simple if you want a guitarist, you get a guitarist who plays well and is passionate about the style of music you are creating. If you need a singer, don’t do it by vote and pick someone in the band, get a really good vocalist, and front personality. That is their job, to sing their butt off and reel in the crowd. Make sure each person is focused on making this the best cohesive band you can.

The stage is not the basement. If you want people to come to your shows and come back… you need to practice being on stage. It is so important for the band to interact with each other on stage; look like you are having fun. One big but simple pitfall is staring at your feet. If you have a tendency to do this write on the top of your shoes “What are you looking at?” with a big frown face. Eye contact is so important. Playing in front of a live audience is and exchange of energy look at people; make eye contact. The future fans want to connect with the band. If you stand before them with fear and freeze they will stand way back, or sit, and wait for something to happen, or for you to get off the stage.

There is a reason to have a front person. This is usually filled by the singer and they need to talk to the audience. It is really smart to share some funny story about a song or incident that has happened with the band, this allows you to connect with the audience. If you are standing on that stage begging the people to come forward and dance that is a huge note that you are doing something wrong. Talk to each other a bit, interact and this is the time to move around on that stage no matter how small. Create your own signature band moves. You are a team and need to work as one.

Now for the big test, that is so simple but necessary to do. Get someone to film one of your performances and watch it with the sound off. Let go of what you hear in your head and think is happening and really look at the performance from a stranger’s point of view. People say “I saw this great band last night!”

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