Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Fun Photos! (7/24/09)

This collecton of great photos are from last sunday's Meyhem Fest @ Fiddlers Green. Rockstar Energy kept everyone wired up and chilled off with Free refreshments!.... They even had a mobile rig to make sure nobody on site was parched!!!

I want to Thank the Event Staff for a steller job catching all the surfing fans , and keeping us all safe while we Party's our tails off in front of all the Awesome Bands!!

Please feel free veiw more pics on the web:


  1. Great pics Stu! MAyhem was an amazing time. And to put the questions to rest...yes Team CMB out did themselves this year. We made friends with tons of cool people, I got spit on 3 times by Manson (I guess he didn't want to be my friend. Whoops! :)), Killswitch Engage took our video camera on stage during their set and taped the crowd, the after party was RIDICULOUS!! Nothing like doing shots with all your fave bands. Anyway I will put it all into words just as soon as my brain reaches 43% normalcy. Later Mighty CMBers. Groovey

  2. Stu is one of the most under-rated photog's out there.

  3. This is Sike_60..and those are some Nice pics..... :)