Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Colorado Sound - July 18, 2009

The Colorado Sound airs every Saturday from 5PM-7PM on KRFC Fort Collins at 88.9FM and at

Janine Santana
“Dignificada” from Soft As Granite (2008)
Zuba “Trippin'” from South of Eden (1999)
Ash Ganley “Lonely World” from Cruel Waters (2008)
Drag the River “I Remember Now” from Bad At Breaking Up (2009)
Honey Don't “Silvertone Rag” from Honey Don't (2009)
The Hollyfelds “Ain't It Something” from Black Heart Blue (2009)
Handpicked Holler! “Mr. Spaceman” from Road to Gemini (2009)
Paper Bird “I Discovered” from A Sky Underground (2009)
NEW - Erik Lunde “Losing You” from Another Country (2009)
Ten Cent Redemption “Send In the Light” from Worst Plan Ever (2005)
Stella Luce “Beltbomb Machine” from Zugenruhe (2009)
Redline Rockets “Kickin and Screamin'” from RPM Thousands (2009)
Rich Lamb “Deja Blues” from Music Along the Way (2008)

NEW - The Motet “Push” from Dig Deep (2009)
Yo, Flaco! “Rent” from The Skinny (2004)
Otis Taylor “Looking For Some Heat” from Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs (2009)
The Delta Sonics “She Wouldn't Let Me In” from Never Enough (2009)
NEW - GT and the Sidewinders “Across America” from Across America (2009)
NEW - Trucker's Daughter “Little Disappointments” from Broken Down Love (2009)
Mike Schikora “She's Got A Mind of Her Own” from What's Old Is New Again (2007)
NEW - Boulder Acoustic Society “Slip Baby Slip” from Punchline (2009)
Gabrielle Louise “Oh Caroline” from Cigarettes & Sentiments (2008)
NEW - The Informants “Crime Scene Queen” from Crime Scene Queen (2009)
Mercury Project “Jump Blues” from Soapbox Jive (2004)
Euforquestra “Tramba” from The Adventures of Glen Devey (2005)

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