Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Colorado Sound Playlist - May 9, 2009

JD Feighner “Beautiful Confusion” from Sundays at 1620 (2008)
Soundrabbit “Machine” from Tree Trunk Airplanes (2009)
*NEW* The Piggies “I Do What I Want” from Rusted Bullets (2009)
*NEW* Motorhome “I Know Better” from Almost Vegas (2009)
Zonky Tonk Zydeco “Zydecoliosis” from Zydecoliosis (2009)
Glove Trucker “3$ Moonshine” from Tengo Sueno (2009)
Jon Snodgrass “Remember My Name” from Visitor's Band (2009)
The Poudre River Band “That's How the West Won” from The Bellvue Dome (2009)
Nancy Thorwardson “Baby Please (w/ Sorrento Connection)” from Something In the Air (2009)
Jeff Finlin “Ballad of a Plain Man” from Ballad of A Plain Man (2008)
Ryan Tracy Band “Will” from Rain Won't Stop (2000)
Rob Drabkin “Stay Here With You” from On These Heavy Feet (2009)

Sherri Jackson “Liberation” from Westword Music Awards Showcase '96 (1996)
Reed Foehl “Wolves” from Old Country Fair (2009)
Drag the River “Caleb's Grave” from Bad At Breaking Up (2009)
Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck “Give It On Back” from Queen of This Mess (2009)
The Blue Canyon Boys “Lyin', Cheatin', Cryin'” from House Full of Sorrows (2009)
Drew Emmitt “Take The Highway” from Long Road (2008)
Bobby Walker “Mean Ol' World” from Git It (2009)
Otis Taylor “Resurrection Blues” from White African (2001)
Leftover Salmon “Up On the Hill Where We Do the Boogie” from The Nashville Sessions (1999)
The Knew “Coldblack” from Boom Bust (2008)
Matthew Moon “It's Alright” from I Thought U Should Know (2002)
Adam Stern “Cougar Bait” from Twang Shui (2009)

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