Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Colorado Sound - May 23, 2009

Great American Taxi
“One of These Days” from Reckless Habits (2009)
The Honey Gitters “Cocaine Lil” from Barrel-Sniffer's Holiday (2009)
Yonder Mountain String Band “A Father's Arms” from Town by Town (2001)
Slim Cessna's Auto Club “Children of the Lord” from Cipher (2008)
Wovenhand “The Beautiful Axe” from Ten Stones (2008)
*NEW* Other Side of Clearview “Hey You” from Sweet Release (2009)
John Common “Triste Y Hermoso” from Good to Be Born (2006)
Nina Storey “In the Dream” from Nina Storey (2001)
Andy Monley “Satisfied” from Denver (2001)
*NEW* The Stanleytones “Women Make Me Act Like A Fool” from Women Make Me Act Like A Fool (2009)
The Blue Canyon Boys “Jesus on the Mainline (live)” from House Full of Sorrows (2009)
Rhythm Angels “29 Ways” from Girls Like Us (2009)
Chip McNeill “Tough Shuffle” from Four Steps 3 (2008)

Big Head Todd & the Monsters “Please Don't Tell Her” from Beautiful World (1997)
The Samples “Birds of Paradise” from Here and Somewhere Else (1998)
Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck “Queen of This Mess” from Queen of This Mess (2009)
Reed Foehl “Goodbye World” from Once An Ocean (2009)
*NEW* Gregory Alan Isakov “This Empty Northern Hemisphere” from This Empty Northern Hemisphere (2009)
Bobby Walker “Turn Me Around” from Git It (2009)
The Subdudes “Late At Night” from Annunciation (1994)
The String Cheese Incident “Outside and Inside” from Outside Inside (2001)
Jon Snodgrass “Brave With Strangers” from Visitor's Band (2009)
8Trac “Sign of the Times” from Fallin' Up (2006)
Xiren “Jesus Was An Alien” from Trip-R (2008)
Ben Markley “The 9th One's Free” from Second Introduction (2009)

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