Friday, May 22, 2009

Born in the Flood finished? NOT QUITE...SEE UPDATE

Ok, rumors are rumors, but our source is a good one. Apparently Born in the Flood is hanging up the jacket. After a storied career including accolades from SXSW, courting by labels, and quotes in Billboard and Spin, it is a real sad day. this blogger hopes that he is full of SH%T and its not true.

My greatest memory is seeing them at the Westword Music Showcase a few years back and being completely blown away by the bands presence and emotion. Seeing Nathaniel Ratliff shed tears over his own music behind the guitar was a priceless and very noteworthy moment.

Born in the Flood was kind enough to grace our first ever cover back in June of 2006. It was very cool hanging out with the guys at their practice space just down the street from Hi-Dive and really entering the minds of some very talented musicians as well as very prolific people.

I wish Joseph, Nate and the rest of the fellas much success..

UPDATE: Thanks to Dave H. at Westword for getting a hold of Nate to find out. I did try to reach Nate earlier as well so glad someone got the skinny!

Check it out here:
Rumor debunked


  1. wonder if it has anything to do with The Wheel & a rumored potential Rounder records deal

  2. I wast thinking that myself - Interesting to see what happens with that..

  3. Just got off the phone with Bart, manager for Born in The Flood. He assured me that Born In The Flood is alive and well.

    The mention above regarding Rounder records is quite simply another "rumor" floating in the pond of Born in The Flood menusha.

    They are being actively looked at, I can tell you that!

    Stay tuned for updates.

    (Good talking with ya Bart!)