Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CMB speaks w/ Jack Egan of The Rouge

What has been The Rouge’s main influence in the past few years and what would you like to see happen in the future?

Our main influences have been each other and our common desire to be one of the biggest bands in the world. Obviously we have a long way to go but we don't plan on going anywhere until we have accomplished our goals. As far as the future goes, we'd like to play for many people as possible. This summer is a great example of that; Releasing a CD followed by two national tours and a few choice shows/ festivals in Colorado.

Describe the writing process of the album and why you chose to not include your previous 3 tracks on Heat and Light?

The bands' writing process is a bit of an odd thing. It goes like this... we all head over to the practice studio, lock the door and talk about how everyone is doing, what types of feelings/ emotions we are all personally going through, so that we're all on the same page. Then we start with the first musical idea anyone has and we vibe on that for a bit, if that inspires us then we develop it. Josh then starts to sing on top of it, working out his melody and lyrics within the mood of the song. We work out a few more parts and chord progressions in that key and by the time we unlock the door, we have something. We didn't put the old songs on the new recording because we felt that those songs stood together on their own. We wanted to convey something new using the Heat & Light EP as a display of our musical and personal progression.

Who are the main influences in The Rouge’s music?

Honestly, we all have very different musical backgrounds thus our influences are wide ranging and because of this we all tend to use each other as inspiration. For instance, I look at chord progressions and melody very differently than Josh does, and we use that to push each other to create something we couldn't have done on our own. The same can be said for Steve and I in regards to rhythm as with Adam and Josh in regards to song structure; but if you choose to hear each other out, then the end product is so much better because everyone is able to sharpen it in their own way.

What is the best part about the Colorado music scene now? The worst?

I think the best part of the scene right now is the fact that it's growing in size and national prominence so much so that bands don't have to flee to the coasts anymore to make a name for themselves. Denver is absolutely a market to be respected.

The worst thing about the scene is in the same vain. Since it's getting bigger, it's getting more competitive, and while I think that only makes us better, the cut throat "my band rocks and you guys suck" attitude gets old fast. We have always looked at other bands as 'brothers in arms' until they prove us otherwise.

Who are some of the bands you would like to open for, or have open for The Rouge?

As far as the local scene goes, we have been blessed to have opened up for great bands from Born in the Flood to Single File to The Photo Atlas and Meese. Nationally speaking we would love to play with Kings of Leon, Brand New, Coldplay, and a million other bands we respect.

*The Rouge's new EP Heat and Light is now available at Max3.com*

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