Friday, April 24, 2009

Mayhem this year? Whos goin....

Yea I know Groovey is - CMB will be there too...

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  1. Yeah I'm bragging:

    Okay so at last years Mayhem I played Gears of War 2 (4 months before it's actual release) with Paul and Clown of Slipknot. They effing worked me but they knew the maps. Next time dudes!

    I ate fish sticks and macaroni and cheese with members of Disturbed and Slipknot and was personally served my food by David Draiman's Playmate girlfriend.

    I rode in a golf cart with Mastodon.

    I watch Sid from Slipknot do wheelies in his wheelchair all over the parking lot.

    I interviewed FFDP in a Motograter T-shirt and BOY did that get tense. I swear Zoltan wanted to deck me. Ivan, who's from Westminster BTW, is a way cool dude.

    Disturbed's Dan Donegan and I had some serious toilet humor going on in the actual backstage bathroom and if you buy me a beer I will tell you the story.

    I watched 3 actual Playmates play hacky sack in bikinis. No really. I did. Seriously. For real.

    I ate brats with Walls of Jericho.

    I stood in front of 25,000 psychotic metal fans on the main stage.

    I met my hero of heroes Corey Taylor of Slipknot and got to hang out with him for a good while.

    I learned that 36 Crazyfists has a LUDICROUS amount of hot groupies. So many that no photographers could even get on stage to take pics.

    And I made some good friends with Jett Fox and her people in KC especially Hollywood Music TV and a special thanks to JR of Motograter and Curiosity Kills for making that all possible. Not to mention the power of the MIGHTY CMB!

    So yeah I'm gonna be a this years Mayhem and I'm going to try and beat last years craziness. I'm thinking maybe some bowling with Slayer and knitting sock puppets with Marylin Manson.

    The boss's mantra is "Life is all about making the best memories." I think I'm doing okay so far.

    See you at Mayhem 2009 and come say Howdy! at the Colorado Music Buzz booth!