Monday, April 27, 2009

FREE Show Friday, Herman's Hideaway,

Colorado Music Buzz and Herman's Hideaway showcases Great local Music from Northern Colorado and Metro Denver! The Night started out with the band Northern Way, who is formerly known as set forth!.... Bringing forth a positive energy to get the evening started off right!....

Next Up: The Legendary Beep Beeps were up to show the crowd that roses smell amazing to Rock stars as well!.... Bringing together a ensemble of Rock/Ghettotech to lure the audible senses!....

As The Evening continues,
"Strange Condition" takes the stage. by this time the crowd has been primed and ready for the rest of the night. They start off with one of their well known tunes... "consequence".... Strong vocals and Crunchy guitar gets people moving in unison!

As most boring folks in Denver are getting ready for bed ... Denver locals "Random Friend Generator" takes the stage and make sure that nobody in Herman's is sleeping at their seat!... the song "Toxic".... Heavy rock combined with bright lights, fog machines, and a sick solo kick the evening into overdrive!

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  1. Terrific photos! Makes me feel that I was right there on the stage.