Friday, March 12, 2010

Teen Pass Out - First release March 14th!

just wanted to let you all know that Teen Pass Out, the tape label Bree Davies started with bandmate Valerie Franz, is putting out its first release this Sunday, March 14th!

The show is also a tour kick-off for friends Alex Edgeworth and Robin Edwards, a.k.a. Lust-Cats Of the Gutters, who head to Oakland next week. Annnnd, Night Of Joy (Davies band) are going on a two-week East coast tour with Hideous Men, beginning with a tour kick-off at Rhino with MMCIII April 24th (with more info to come!)
Listen to the Night Of Joy track, "Concrete Jungle"

Lust-Cats Of The Gutters tour kick-off
Teen Pass Out #001 Chump Fiesta release
Sunday, March 14th
2232 Lawrence St. Unit B
w/ Thee Goochi Boiz + Night of Joy
(all three bands are on the tape release too!)

Lust-Cats of the Gutters /

Night Of Joy /

Thee Goochi Boiz

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