Monday, February 15, 2010

LOVE the sounds... Valentines Evening with LES CLAYPOOL

Sunday evening, Denver showed Bass Guitar Legend...The Colonel Les Claypool MUCH love of Crunchy Electro-funk sounds by completely selling out the Historic Ogden Theatre!
The evening started off with SAX charged Avantgarde Jazz, The Dead Kenny G's these cats had a great amount of energy!

As the evening progressed LES CLAYPOOL the Colonel" Bass Guitar Legend who many know as the Lead Bass man for the Band PRIMIS played with his distinctive slap style along with fun lyrics kept the house dancing and feel'n the Groove. He brought out a couple of different Bass interments that kept fans guessing and smiling at the same time...At one point in the show he played a stick with Strings and a bow... Imagine a Stand up bass without a body at all...also closing the show with a Banjo style Bass...Awesome!

Of course the whole band got into the mix with the two Drummers doing what I would have to call the most Wicked ...what seemed to last at least ten minutes... Drum and Xylophone, duet that I have experienced!! To bad I was upstairs jamming out far from the stage at that time to get a Photo...Darn!

The Colonel brought Listeners some New tracks such as One of my favorites "Boonville Stomp" and "red state Girl" for his newest album release "Of Fungi and Foe" and also a few from his many other alums of the past!

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