Monday, January 18, 2010

Spools of dark Thread Allegations


Denver, CO January 16, 2010: There have been many recent allegations circulating regarding former Spools of Dark Thread front-man Chris Thomas, mostly revolving around skimming money from bands through the course of his position as Talent Buyer for the legendary Herman’s Hideaway. These allegations were not made by any of the current members of Spools of Dark Thread or their management at Fury Artist Management, LLC.

Jamey Crow Bartley offered the following: “While Spools of Dark Thread members have had their share of issues like any other band, we would never slander anyone, especially one of our own.” Bartley goes on to say “The members of Spools and departed members maintain a professional and respectful relationship. I really can’t elaborate on this topic due to a lack of knowledge. What I do know is Chris Thomas is the most talented vocalist in Denver.”

The members of Spools and their management wish Chris nothing but the best through any of his endeavors. Lastly, we hope for a positive resolution for all involved.

For more information on Spools of Dark Thread, please visit Spools of Dark Thread is managed exclusively by Scottie Flint, Senior Artist Manager, Fury Artist Management, LLC.

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  1. One Anonymous person emailed a select group of people in Denver saying this.. "please call and request your bands tax info from that venue. It's guaranteed that you will see a difference from your actual pay to what their tax info states."

    This blog is a press release from Scottie Flint, Manager of Spools defending themselves from the accusations that the Anonymous person made.

    I know that the Spools camp is not saying this because they have played for us before, a lot actually and I think I have paid them just about every time. Any band that has made more then $100 from us knows how tedious our payout procedure is and realizes that this is ridiculous!

    For the record we pay our bands with a check if the amount is ever over $100 that we cash for them before they leave the night of the show after they sign the check/receipt at the end of the night. We use those exact checks for claiming the bands pay, with their signatures on the checks! We keep everything for the record and in 27 years we have yet to have a single (reputable) dispute. Despite what this author is implying.

    Mike Roth
    Herman's Hideaway