Friday, January 8, 2010

CMB Writer Dave Preston on Letterman?!?!

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope everybody had a great holiday season and the start of 2010 is a quality one. I want to spread my love and good energy to you all at this time, as you have been doing it with me so frequently.

The reason I am writing this is to inform you all of some very VERY exciting national music business news. For those of who may not know, for close to a year, I have played guitar for Matt Morris (an extremely talented songwriter) locally, regionally, and nationally. It has been such an honor as well as an incredible learning experience. From the recording studio to live performances, I have seen a full-blooded musicianship among everybody involved creatively.

On Sunday January, 10th we depart Denver for a 10 day media tour on both coasts. This includes east coast show dates through TV and national exposure through radios and online streaming. Please set your Tivos and DVRs for recording on these dates:

Friday, Jan 15th-David Letterman
Saturday, Jan 16th-CBS morning show
Tuesday, Jan 19th-Ellen DeGeneres show

I will be playing the acoustic guitar and trying to appear cool and "rockstar-ish" in the back. :)

If all of this was not enough, Matt's record, "When Everything Breaks Open" features a song, "Just Before The Morning". This song is stemmed from "Be-Joy" off of my debut ambient album "BE", which did and is still doing a number of successful things. It was such an honor to be credited on this record, for the names on it are remarkable international artists. It is available on iTunes now and physical copies will be disrupted to stores very soon.

Thanks for your time reading this. I look forward to sharing experiences and laughter with you all soon. Please forward this email to whomever you may like to. I wish you all harmony and peace and I'll be seeing you soon.

All My Best Always,
Dave Preston

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