Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Drowning Pool: A night at The Summit

Drowning Pool: A night at The Summit.
by Scott Barker

We had the chance to see Drowning Pool on tour in support of their latest self-titled album the other night. The band was coming off a three month hiatus and came to town to celebrate St. Patricks day with KBPI. After going 1-1 at foosball with some lucky KBPI contest winners, and waiting for the five opening acts to warm up the crowd Drowning Pool was ready to smack Denver right in the face, and Denver LIKED it. Drowning Pool is known for their in your face, aggressive rock as well as their soul wrenching and melodic ballads. They didn't disappoint on this official night of Leprechauns and green beer, and the energy they gave off was palpable as the crowd rocked all night long with the hard luck band from Texas. Drowning Pool is on their third vocalist thus far, having lost their first lead man to an unexpected death from an undiagnosed heart condition and their second when he cited "personal reasons" on the eve of a hometown show. Luckily for Drowning Pool, the old saying third time is the charm has a ring of truth to it in this case, and Ryan McCombs appears to be here to stay. Drowning Pool on St. Patrick's day took a tried and true formula of kick-ass rock and excellent musicianship and reminded everyone in Denver why they belong in the upper echelon of hard rock acts. If you had the luck O' the Irish with you on March 17th, you were at the Drowning Pool show, and you got rocked green style with DP.

Pics by Matthew Zinke

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  1. Right on, great job fellas! Scott and Matt, I mean. Haha, Im not exactly a Drowning Pool fan!
    You guys killed it here. Super pro both of you!