Monday, October 18, 2010

Rock and Roll Marathon

It was dark and cold, and the lines for the porta-potties were long. 15,000 runners woke up early and made it to the start of the race. For me, it was camera in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. I knew I wasn't running the race but photographing the event is a sport all of it's own. I had my press pass, press parking, and no fear. I started with the great view of the start of the race standing next to the channel 4 News team. I was a little wired on caffeine and chatting up a storm not knowing they are live the entire time. Oops! My apologies to anyone listening I may have said a bad word or more in regards to the cold. Doing what I do I climbed a tree, chased runners who made for good photo ops, and cheered from the asphalt where I took pics of the shoes from ground level. Okay I moved a few barriers to get the best shots but hey, that's what I do.

Now as for the event, I think it was very well organized, especially for a first time, except for one minor detail..... Rock and Roll!! I love that they had all local talent on the track but over half of the bands were NOT Rock and Roll, there was Celtic, Rap, Reggae... so if it was to be a world music marathon then they had it right. Denver has a lot of great Rock bands that should have been there.

Now for a little fun I did go up and check out Brethren Fast, and the boys were rocking it out on 17th and Pearl next to a competitor porta-pottie with yet another long line. The jokes are plentiful with running to the bathroom, doing the potty dance...

300 plus photos later, and I headed home to go back to bed.

PS- The Ronald McDonald clown was too freaky for words!

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