Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rock 'n Roll: It's in the Bag baby!...

Many of you are stoked for the Festival this weekend. Planning out the exact route that you will take to navigate step by step, from stage to stage, with the timing and precision of a GPS tracking unit to check out your favorite bands Some of you may have been talking amongst your friends to find out who will drive each day, or maybe your even tossing up whether you run, ride, or carpool. There is one thing for sure Mile High Music Festival is the place to be.

The Mile High Music festival is a weekend of camping in Rock ‘n Roll. There may not be lions, tigers and bears… but you still have to consider the conditions that Mother Nature can toss in your way. You could be spending all day and late into the evening enjoying the surroundings without concerns or you could be the person trying to mentally pull down the sun under the horizon because your skin has become barbecue.

At this juncture please refer to the Mile High Music Festival website for it has very informative listings of items and behaviors that are cool for the festival and those things that will cause difficulties for your weekend like prohibited items and activities that make you look like an arse. Nobody wants to be... "That Guy" who becomes the talk of the town for the week following the show!

I have come across a lot of good ideas on this website. Let me tell you, I sure know what it’s like to forget one important item that I know is sitting on the kitchen table at home. I would like to present a few ideas of how I would pack my day bag to help me survive in the wild of Mile High Music Festival.

Stay hydrated! Whether you use an empty bladder or water bottle that can be filled on site, remember that you will be in the sun at the Awesome Dick’s Sporting Goods Park which may have some shelter, but it’s not likely you’re going to find too many large trees that will provide shade on the grounds of a soccer stadium.

Here are things I recommend you do not want to leave on your kitchen table: tickets, I.D, sun block, hat, sunglasses, binoculars (to help you see that perfect guitar strum from the grass). Don't forget to bring your needed prescription medications (labeled with your ID), bug spray (remember some of those same small critters that you see in the woods may be there too), and earplugs for when you make it right up next to the stage that you want to see your favorite festival band (Monday will be a tough day at work with the ringing in your ears). A small soft sided cooler with ice and food to supply a nice snack. Keep in mind that there will be plenty of food & beverage options once you are in the show. For those of you who enjoy snapping photos or texting your friends, be sure to bring plenty of batteries for your electronics needs. The Colorado summer weather can be unpredictable, A blanket or small collapsible lawn chair will help to sprawl out and get some 5280 sun in addition a jacket or a poncho will help to keep you dry if the clouds set in.

No matter what items you decide are important for your music camping bag. Most important thing is to put thought into what you will need. Focus on your health and well being vs. extravagant creature comforts that may only add extra weight and limit your dancing abilities: but, if you can’t absolutely make it through the day with out your Frisbee then go ahead and stuff it in the pack too!

Be respectful of the people who work and volunteer at M.H.M.F. They are The Department of Festival Wildlife and Rock‘n Roll Rangers who are there to ensure your safety and comfort. Enjoy yourself and have a lot of fun. This is not a short sprint but a Rock‘n Roll camping trip with a full weekend of Mile High concert scenery and action. Pace yourself for two days of awesome audio/ visual over-load, also don’t forget your well-prepared bag will help make certain your days are the absolute best they can be.

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