Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hip Hop - Spoken word artists SAGE FRANCIS along with B. Dolan performed in front of a packed crowd at the Legendary Gothic theater this week. This show appealed to those of us who enjoys lyrics, word play and storytelling. Please Get out there and check out the Recent release of "Li(f)e" from Sage and the incredible Live band "Free Moral Agents"!on tour along with Rapper, Slam Poet and Stage Entertainer B. Dolan. I ordered B. Dolan's resent Album Fallen House, Sunken City... and am headed to my Local Music store to pick it up as soon as i finish this article. Further more keep your eyes peeled to the Colorado Music Buzz Blog for our exclusive Pre Show chat with Sage and our guest host LINK who is an upcoming artist in Denver!

Have a Safe and Wonderful Memorial Day weekend ...All!

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