Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~Femme Fatale Four~

As a woman, events like this one fill my soul with intense pride. So many gifted and creative ladies coming together to not only support one another, but to share their talents with others. Don’t get it twisted gentlemen; this is not a feminist, man-bashing event, just a celebration of art and music with a feminine touch. Everyone is welcome.

This Thursday, September 24th is the 4th annual Femme Fatale event at the Bluebird (3317 E Colfax Ave Denver). This exciting evening features live painting, many local vendors and live performances including: African dance, break dancing, burlesque, spoken word, and a fashion show. Also in the mix, DJ’s Beretta, Mimi De Masala and Manizer will keep the night moving. It will be a night filled with fun, friends, entertainment and camaraderie. What am I most excited about? The much anticipated performance by MC, Xencs L. Wing.

I wouldn’t miss out, if I were you.

For more info, or to see articles about the individual performers go to: www.FemmeFataleLife.Blogspot.com

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